Vehicle Color Changes

Let’s start by saying color changes are not for everyone! Probably not what you wanted to hear but let’s be honest. We are here to cater to the car enthusiast who care about their cars and are looking to give their car a new look without having to paint it. Vinyl wraps give your car the look you always wanted without a long term commitment. You can wrap your car/truck every year and when you are ready to change it simply rip off the film and the paint will remain undamaged. You can choose to do a partial wrap on the hood, roof or full car if you’d like. The color options are huge with just about any color to choose from. If your paint is looking old and rusty a wrap is probably not the job for you. Even though we can work on paint jobs that are faded we don’t recommend it for cars that have any damage on the paint because it will show through the wrap.

Vinyl wraps are NOT a paint replacement. It’s more like a paint alternative. Sometimes getting a matte paint job can be expensive, harder to maintain than it looks and that’s where vinyl wraps excel. The materials that we use are premium products from 3M, Avery, Orafol, Hexis and Arlon companies. They come with a 1 year Horizontal and 5 year vertical warranty. These materials come with a top coat that makes it easier to maintain and keep them looking their best. The life of a wrap finish varies from customer to customer. If you drive your car daily and don’t really take care of it, expect it to last 2-3 years max. Cars that are kept in garages and well-kept films can last up to 5 years. It is recommended you remove the film before the 5th year mark because the adhesive will get harder with time. All films are removable with a little heat and may or may not leave adhesive residue. The films can be easily removed with adhesive removers found at local retailers.



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